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Marvin Slepian

Dr. Marvin Slepian
Cardiologist, Tucson, AZ

The reality is that the bulk of cardiovascular disease is really preventable. So if I had a meal replacement shake, which supplements the patient and stops them from taking unnecessary high-caloric foods, then that ultimately leads to weight loss for the patient, which is a good thing overall. You win on many levels.

Mark Tanenbaum

Dr. Mark Tannenbaum
Cardiologist, Oakton, VA

It takes a lot of work for people to get proper nutrition these days. Diet and nutrition is something very important as far as maintaining normal metabolism, preventing injury as well as fixing things as they are injured over time. To have a patient come in who’s had a heart attack, and now has an awareness of what needs to be done to prevent that secondary event. A meal replacement shake diet would be something good for a patient like that.

Stephen Patt

Dr. Stephen Patt
Family Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

My perspective used to be if you eat healthy and take care of yourself, you’ll be fine. After 30 years of medical practice I’ve found that’s really not true because modern society had changed and the food that we eat is no longer healthy food. Meal replacement shake diet is a tool, a really sophisticated tool.

Matthew Jansen

Dr. Matthew Janssen
Emergency Medicine, Pomona, CA

If you get your weight and health under control, automatically the blood pressure is taken care of. If you could convince people to supplement breakfast or lunch with a shake like this, it could go a long way towards helping people with their overall health and particularly with losing weight.

Luz Renedo

Dr. Luz Renedo
Family Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

It’s very important, particularly when you’re under depression, with depression or anxiety to try to have the best health possible. It’s everything, mind and body combined. You have to have relationships, you have to exercise, you have to sleep well and you have to eat nutritious meals. So that’s why I really like meal replacement shake diet.


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